5 Psychic Characters in Fiction

The idea of reading a book that has a psychic as the main protagonist can be quite thrilling. A psychic is someone who can foresee the future and read people’s minds, but whether or not he will use his supernatural powers for evil deeds or good deeds is what can be intriguing. The Twilight Series written by Stephanie Meyer, for instance, has many characters with psychic powers. Many of the “special gifts” that some of the vampires possess in this novel are psychic by nature. Whether it is Edward’s mind-reading abilities, Alice’s precognition, or Marcus’s ability to sense nature of relationships, there is enough evidence of psychic characters in this series.

Below are a bunch of novels in the Young Adults category that have their main characters as psychics. These six main characters are born with psychic powers and they must balance these with their high school lives. Their lives are challenging in many ways in an effort to juggle between these two and readers find that very exciting.

  1. The first of these interesting fictional characters is Jessica in the Safe House. She is struck by lightning and the 16-year old acquires the power to visualize the image of a missing child. She starts to dream about such missing children and their possible whereabouts. While the authorities should respect her for this, unfortunately, she has to keep avoiding the feds to save these children in as discreet a manner as possible.
  2. Chloe Saunders is the protagonist in “The Summoning”, and she can see dead people like Cole in award-winning Hollywood movie, The Sixth Sense. She can see ghosts everywhere she goes and this gets her into a lot of trouble at home; she is even kept locked up. Along with Chloe, there are several other teenagers who are experiencing the same things; this is when Chloe decides to find out what is happening and how she can save herself.
  3. Stacy in the novel “Blue is for Nightmares” is another perky 16-year old who has frequent premonitions about the deaths of those who are close to her. There happens a time when she gets such a dream and the character in it actually ends up dying. Soon afterwards, she starts to have similar dreams about her best friend, and this is when she gets terrified. She can foresee her murderer s a stalker who kills her. When another high school student is killed around this time, Stacy has to get help before her friend succumbs to her ill-fate.
  4. Evie in the Diviners Series uses her psychic powers simply by touching things that belonged to people. She is endowed with the strange gift of being able to see people’s pasts through holding such objects. Evie is therefore sent to stay with her Uncle Will who is obsessed with the supernatural and magical powers. While Evie enjoys residing in New York, she is not keen to look into the body which shows up and which the lawmakers are hopeful her uncle can identify. Evie finally takes up the challenge and uses her psychic powers to stop the killer.
  5. Cameron in The Mind Readers is a girl who has spent her life keeping her psychic powers a secret. It is only when Lewis Douglas appears and takes her to the secret place that has people only like her that things start to change. Cameron has a lot of power which others want to use for vile intentions.
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